A Solar Flare

Solar ETF (TAN) takes off

I was like ‘do I buy back FSLR, buy SPWR, buy ENPH or just go the general route with TAN (he of the really goofy symbol)? Deciding not to galaxy brain the thing I went with TAN, which we have been gauging in NFTRH for many months now as it flagged down to test a very long-term base breakout per a monthly chart.

Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t. I’ve had plenty of instances where I am early and have to endure weeks if not months of grind after identifying an opportunity that then takes its time in playing out (if it ever does play out). Per Monday’s NFTRH Trade Log, however…

Making good on my long-standing threat to add Solar ETF, TAN. Ref. monthly chart base breakout & re-test per NFTRH reports. I think this area is another under pressure of tax loss season, similar to the Pot sector. It’s been nothing but losses for 2020’s momo crowd that chased the hype. Bottom line is that patience will probably be needed, near-term.

Dialing the picture in, the daily chart shows that my patience – unless this is an epic fake out – will have only been tested for a day instead of the anticipated weeks. Gotta love the markets. You are never as smart as you think you are, and never as dumb either.

tan solar etf

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