The Market is Playing In Tune

Indicators and policymakers are on the same page

The market is in tune if you can tune out the crazy goings on in AMC, GME, etc. I don’t know why, but that stuff seems scary and even has the attention of the White House. End times?

Well if not, we are simply 100% on plan and part of that plan has to do with long-term yields providing the Fed enough cover to get off its ass and not just sit there, but puke up the panic policy again.

Ha ha ha, in the middle of this post a text from my daughter (pardon her language, we sometimes communicate rather casually)…

No dear, I am perfectly capable of losing money while having nothing to do with those crazy stocks.

Anyway, aside from the circus going on with Reddit and these crazy stocks we are simply going to end the party here and now (no indication of that yet) or it will resume after FOMC rides off into the sunset and the machines calm down.

We have for a few weeks now been expecting a reaction as the 30yr yield approached 2%.

From NFTRH 637 on January 10th…

“The Continuum has reached a potential disturbance area as it nears 2%.”


Well, the disturbance is here. But the yield may just be making a rest stop per the pullback above and the pullbacks in many associated indicators and markets.

The Fed needs cover of at least a deflationary hint, a whiff. What it does not need in order to continue inflating is for the yield to be getting impulsive to the upside and other indicators getting out of control due to the rampant speculation they are promoting.

The above is a short-term situation. It could morph into something worse. But as yet it’s normal, was expected and is necessary. But then later, if the party resumes as it is still capable of doing, we have a RED ALERT ‘back away from the punch bowl!’ level that will either unravel the enchilada or bring us to uncharted territory, von Mises style.

Pardon the cryptic language, but it’s a free website. I am not going to give away the most important stuff that some people pay for. But if you’ve read me over the years you probably know what I’m talking about anyway.

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