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[edit] With his permission I include a picture of one of my buddies texted to the group, obviously not overly pleased with a certain restriction.

I’ve criticized Trump for years. It’s nowhere near my main emphasis (and frankly, I look forward to going back to my more apolitical happy place) but it’s in these pages. Regarding market management however, as per this 2017 post, it’s all about psychology my friends.

Once when posting one of my old band’s songs I wrote that it was a band of 3 Trump supporters and me. They were my band and they were good guys. Screw politics.

Most recently, in a group text with old friends (talking way old) I find out that 4 of the 5 of them are Trump supporters, at least two of whom, even now. The others are smartly laying low to the discussion. One guy, the first guy to show up at my father’s wake (I’ll never forget, because I had not seen him in years) and someone I’ve always liked for his intensity but also his sense of humor, 100% believes that the election was stolen. He is pissed.

I asked how do you know this for a fact. So far, I’ve not heard back.

My other buddy is saying ‘Kamala’s a socialist’ this and ‘they are going to take away our freedom’ that. I just said ‘hey buddy, go fix your tin foil hat’.

But these are guys I like. Even love. They’d do anything for you. In fact, one day when I got sucker punched in the nose and kneeling in a snow bank bleeding my friend chased the guy down and administered frontier justice. He’s my bro. That’s an old story, but that stuff is part of who you are. I can tell him to go tune his tin foil hat and not worry about him taking any real offense.

The main point though is that I’ve seen enough to know that it’s not just lunatics and neo Nazis behind whatever is coming on or before the 20th (or after, for that matter). It is people, and they are pissed.

The thing that kills me is that as I’ve written (and probably been ignored about) for years, it’s the Fed stupid! The systematic disenfranchisement of huge swaths of this society has been at the hands of this creator of inflation out of the peoples’ debt; debt which politicians of both parties are all too happy to increase (including very aggressively, Trump).

The politics (IMO) are a side show. The real damage has been done by monetary policy that is stacked to make the rich (elite) infinitely richer and the not rich trying to make ends meet. Politics serves as a handy way for people to be focusing their ire in other directions than where it belongs primarily. The political stuff springs from the fundamental stuff. It’s overlaid on the surface of it.

Something is really wrong here, it runs deep, and I think most people are looking in the wrong places. That table full of eggheads pictured at top is where it’s all cooked up.