As COVID-19 Backs Off and Yields Back Up…

Today came the happy – and inevitable – news. Some day on the horizon this effing virus is going to stop hanging over our shoulders. Some sectors especially appreciated the combo of COVID fears down and yields up. Among others, the Airlines, +19%… The pigs, +13%… And Energy, +14%… I happened to buy both CVX and XOM last Thursday on a hunch (certainly not on … Continue reading As COVID-19 Backs Off and Yields Back Up…

NFTRH+; Theory being that RFID will come back… plus this chart

I have had an eye on PI for some time now, but it was (and still is) impaired by its hands-on consumer related customers’ lack of engagement during COVID-19. Now, if today’s happy stuff is real and if this breakout is real, we may have a play here. Going strictly by the weekly chart we find an attempted breakout. We also find a gap created … Continue reading NFTRH+; Theory being that RFID will come back… plus this chart

Gold/SPX ‘Fear Gap’ Question Answered

I have labored with this question for quite a while now. Would the Gold/SPX ratio hold support or lose it in favor of a fill of the February ‘fear gap’? Well… …joy has broken out across the investment landscape because ‘yay! we can go to the movies again!!’ [AMC +60%, but I would not sit in a movie theater again if you paid me to, … Continue reading Gold/SPX ‘Fear Gap’ Question Answered

Yield Curve Also Rises

Not only are stock markets and yields rising, but so too is the yield curve steepening. Just a note that a process that has been in play since August 2019 is still in play. From cnbc.com: The indication continues to be inflationary, but later on a steepening curve can resume/continue if the macro swings deflationary. Thing 1 means long-term bonds are depressed due to inflation … Continue reading Yield Curve Also Rises

NFTRH+; Pictures of a Knee-Jerk

Vaccine news hits the screens and voila… ES has popped a new high, following through on last week’s joy. DXY is still bearish but holding support. Long-term Treasury yields are ramping. This is a positive reflection on the reflation trades, esp. banks. Cyclical copper is fine. And of course, counter-cyclical gold? Not fine. Hammered. While I am loath to let knee jerk reactions direct me, … Continue reading NFTRH+; Pictures of a Knee-Jerk