Gold/SPX ‘Fear Gap’ Question Answered

I have labored with this question for quite a while now. Would the Gold/SPX ratio hold support or lose it in favor of a fill of the February ‘fear gap’? Well…

gold spx ratio

…joy has broken out across the investment landscape because ‘yay! we can go to the movies again!!’ [AMC +60%, but I would not sit in a movie theater again if you paid me to, and it has nothing to do with COVID-19].

So the fear gap is looking to get filled. Casino patron gold bugs will make a big stink about these events, but gold bugs who knew that damn thing was a potential vulnerability will be glad to see the gap filled. By the way, that first kind of gold bug was the one lecturing us all as per this post from August.

Repeat after me as even I try to commit this lesson to memory after seeing it play out so many times… “When the gold bug generals tout loudly and visibly the reaction will ALWAYS follow sooner or later.”

Gold is fine.

gold spx ratio

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