Behold the Faces of Dogma

Well, Daniela is a relatively pretty face who’s gotten a new gig at Stansberry, simply doing what her new bosses tell her to do. But the guy on the right is one of those perma-doomers and/or goldbugs <while J.R. may be be a nice guy you can insert here the laundry list of other creeps, some of whom I have known in the past and others I’ve even been threatened by… a sordid group it is> who have made a cottage industry of enthralling you and through your fears, making you see things their way.

Okay wise guy, what’s the right way?

Well, all I can tell you is that the markets are different in the latter day-Greenspan era on through Powell. Through the wonders of a complete fiat system a fancy sounding concept known as MMT (Modern Monetary Theory), which is another way of saying TMM (Total Market Manipulation) there are too many variables in play designed to lift asset prices for the bear crowd to be right in any sort of convenient time frames.

Sure, they get right during the periodic liquidations like Q4 2008 and Q1 2020 (the bears who took that 8-ball and ran with it showed their bias because any unbiased viewer should have known that the positive reaction to this exogenous event, as schemed up by monetary and fiscal policymakers, was the next play) but before long it was once again Wrong Way Corrigan City. The relief from the 2020 event labors on today.

So when the next liquidation comes about Mr. Rickards and the marketing machine behind him will further cement his legend. The same will go for the other fear promoters. Buy gold and brace yourself for the new GREAT DEPRESSION. Okay?

But realize that said depression may not be dressed in the clothing expected. The interplay between inflation and the ongoing need to deflate is a complex system. Well, ultimately it will resolve, but a whole lot of inflationary input that can come about first.

Like, ever heard of old Ludwig van?

No, I mean Ludwig von? He of Crack-Up-Boom notoriety.

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