FOMC at Center Stage (NFTRH 530 excerpt)

Below are the Opening Notes and Bond Market segments from last Sunday’s edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole, NFTRH 530. Jerome Powell was actually more firm than I expected. Atta boy Jay! Aside from my prognostication the more important stuff (IMO) begins at the 4th paragraph. That is where I put on my tin foil hat and tell what I think. It does seem … Continue reading FOMC at Center Stage (NFTRH 530 excerpt)

FOMC Statement [w/ edit]

[edit] A solid showing from Mr. Powell. Not to be bullied by the Twitter-holic-in-chief, the Fed stays the course and adjusts language slightly but shows strength and independence in the face of the presidential and media onslaught. Now, will it work to give the markets confidence enough for a bounce or will the market blow a gasket? We’ll soon see.  Hot off the press… December … Continue reading FOMC Statement [w/ edit]

The ‘Man in the Middle’ Loses Blue Sky

I am on record as leaning toward a seasonal rally (with the FOMC wild card stuck right in the middle of the deck), but it has been elusive as we enter the heart of Santa season. Meanwhile, NFTRH tracks key market and economic internals each week and color codes them Bullish | Neutral | Bearish. It’s probably no surprise that more and more have been … Continue reading The ‘Man in the Middle’ Loses Blue Sky

Sprott Gold Report, Hot Off the Press…

It never ceases to amaze me, the fringe benefits I receive by simply having taken a shot at putting my thoughts (and charts) down on virtual paper to see if there is a commercial market for those thoughts in the crowded financial sphere. When I first launched NFTRH just over a decade ago I did so while cringing a little. I still remember subscriber #1, … Continue reading Sprott Gold Report, Hot Off the Press…