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It never ceases to amaze me, the fringe benefits I receive by simply having taken a shot at putting my thoughts (and charts) down on virtual paper to see if there is a commercial market for those thoughts in the crowded financial sphere. When I first launched NFTRH just over a decade ago I did so while cringing a little.

I still remember subscriber #1, Jon Auerbach (the late founder and managing partner of Auerbach Grayson) telling me “don’t do it!… but if you do, I’ll be your charter subscriber.”

I was like, ‘wow, this guy is a heavy weight and he sees value in me?’

Anyway, the point is that I am sometimes awed by the people I’ve had the pleasure to come in contact with and I’m especially humbled by those who find value in NFTRH. Mark at IKN is all too generous in his praise about NFTRH (and believe me, he does not need me for his success). Other pros or retired pros in the subscriber base include Fred, Joe, Harold, Rich, Jordan, Scott and several others (and those are just the people I’ve corresponded with and know of).

And in Trey Reik I not only have a subscriber to NFTRH (another who surely does not need me, as you’ll see by reading his report linked below) but I have another quality contributor to Biiwii.com (as with Mark from IKN). Like I said, it’s awesome.

Check out his latest gold report here.

And no, there is no benefit to me promoting Trey’s work here. He’s already a subscriber, there is no other compensation and I consider it a complete privilege to have permission to publish his work @ Biiwii.

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