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NFTRH 406 Out Now

No time for a promo because my daughter and I have tickets to see Bryan Ferry.  We both love early Roxy Music and it turns out his set list, while…

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Profit & Rotation Time Again; CCMP Out, CBT In

Knowing full well that the market is making me look smart (as opposed to me actually being smart) I made a handy switch.  CCMP, the Semiconductor manufacturing materials company, is…

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2016: Current Market Themes

A year ago almost to the day we began tracking a 'Macrocosmic' theme that would eventually see gold bottom and rise vs. stocks and bonds in 2016, joining its bullish…

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CCMP’s Daddy, Cabot Corp.

Many years ago Cabot Microelectronics, itself surging on earnings today per the previous post, was spun off by Cabot Corp., an industrial materials and chemical company (and long time maker…

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Taking More Semi Profit (LRCX)

Thing 1 is Lam Research, a Semiconductor Equipment company.  I have held it for weeks but given the market's short-term risk profile, am taking well earned profit as I did…

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Post-FOMC Market Update, Precious Metals, Stock Markets & Commodities

To little surprise FOMC rolled over again, uttering a few words about inflation being below target and riding off into the sunset until September 21.  Now there is a vacuum, policy wise, in which the market can operate.  I am sure that if/as the economy continues to firm or inflation signals start to manifest the usual jawbones will hit the microphone circuit, admonishing us that they stand guard, but the market seems to be marginalizing these policy making clowns where even just a year ago it was still entranced by them.


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Uncle Buck, Post-FOMC

Approximately 15 seconds after FOMC whispered its latest sweet nothings to the asset markets it is propping, I posted the statement at Biiwii.  In it they conceded that the economy…

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Earnings Giveth & Taketh Away

Two earnings reports, two directional moves on things I hold.  Luckily, Thing 1 is moving more than Thing 2 and other items are positive to boot. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium…

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More Semi Profit Taking

It was hard to be bullish the Semi sector a couple months ago (unless you looked at the Equipment booking data).  Today it is easy; real easy... too easy.  Therefore,…

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NFTRH 405 Out Now

A funny thing happened on the journey through this week's sentiment analysis.  First, the Semi sector, which as I recall we were among the few to be publicly bullish on,…

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Semi Equipment Book-to-Bill for June

For those who don't watch this stuff as obsessively as I do, here's the June b2b data.  Oh no, b2b dropped and so did bookings! As an economic indicator…

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Gold Stock Flags

Using the GDX and GDXJ daily charts, I thought I’d show some previous examples of bull flags so that now we can note potential bear flags.  This is of course all speculation because a pattern isn’t activated until it resolves, but for reference here is an update from June 28 in which we noted several potential bull flags, which went on to resolve as expected.


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