More Ugliness; NDX-SPX

NDX is a market leader.  Even with the positive surprises from the over valued AMZN, FB and LNKD, tech/internet companies are under big pressure.  NDX-SPX is just plain ugly. This…

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SOX Breaking Down

We noted the NDX/SOX roadmap in a post on Wednesday using weekly charts.  SOX daily is doing something not very nice at the open.  The Semis are a leader for…

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NFTRH; Precious Metals Update

HUI has, barring a spectacular reversal, cleared the most recent target of 211 and with unrelenting strength.  I have added RSI to the weekly chart we have used to plot the bull market signals of 211 (door opener), 251 and 261 (confirmers).  RSI is getting over bought.  The implication is that when a correction comes it is going to be an extended affair unlike the sideways to down consolidation and small bull flag pullbacks to date.


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nftrh plus


Another company with which I had (indirect) dealings in the old days.  I became aware of FLIR (Homepage) when my company made optical components (for a optical subcontractor) for night vision goggles that FLIR supplied to the military back in the early 1990’s.  FLIR is an infrared and thermal imaging systems supplier to a diversified end user base, by industry and by global region.  As always when spotlighting an individual company, your personal due diligence is recommended.


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“A Historic Bull Market”

The US is in the midst of one (Bloomberg) It's another piece talking about this "most hated bull market of all time". So many bull wiseguys highlight this while soft…

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Kur Uh Oh Dahh

BoJ stands pat, surprising substance addicted markets and JPY/USD slams higher. This after we have noted the trend change in USD/JPY since early in the year. Other currencies vs. USD…

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nftrh plus

NFTRH+; Another Medical Device Co.

Ref. the previous post on BSX (a former NFTRH+ highight) and the recent breakout we have noted in the Medical Device ETF, IHI.  Medtronic (MDT) is a competitor to Boston Scientific over part of its product line (stents).  Please feel free to do funda research on the company if interested.  As to the chart…


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BSX and Medical Devices

Back in October 2015 we had an NFTRH+ highlight on medical (stent) device maker Boston Scientific, a customer of mine in my former life.  From the update, which included daily,…

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NDX and SOX, a Roadmap

NDX is in a sloppy looking pattern, is dropping into a support zone and needs to hold the moving averages to avoid going from sloppy to bearish.  Captains like Alphabet,…

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Tweet This, TWTR -12%

I just saw a headline about Twitter's poor revenue and forecast.  Down over 12% in after hours.  I was curious about what the chart may have looked like before the…

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Some Ratios, Pre-FOMC

The looks of some ratios before the FOMC regales us with the latest non-action (with an IMO lessening possibility of some hawkish talk)... Gold vs. US stocks is nearly 3…

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Durable Goods & Consumer, Pre-FOMC

Today's economic data have moved the needle back a bit toward 'no change' to the Fed's dovish stance.  The March Durable Goods figure was .8% vs 2% expected and even…

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