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nftrh 379From 2012 to 2014 we had robo-market, grinding upward as hedge funds, diversified asset allocaters, stock pickers and yours truly under performed a simple ‘set it and forget it’ (by buying the S&P 500) mindset.  Then came last year’s trendless topping situation when the majority of stocks declined but the S&P 500 hung around, keeping passive SPY holders still relatively comfy in their resolve.

Now comes 2016 (all 3 weeks of it!) and it has all changed.  The market is in motion and I am seeing the spin on the ball.  It doesn’t mean I am going to get every swing right, to the day, but it does mean that the market is moving and probabilities are readily manageable as information (technical, macro fundamental and sentiment/psych) comes in.

We are on the expected bounce but folks, this is not the post-September bounce, if you catch my drift.  NFTRH 379 explains why in detail within what I think is an easy to read and easy to understand 26 page report.


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