Yield Curve Today

All durations are up in yield with the curve dropping hard.  This implies risk is ‘ON’ beneath the market’s jittery psyche.*  But it’s just one day’s alignment.  It’s also bearish toward gold today, and this has been a trend for a long time now. * By this individual indicator at least.  Junk bonds for instance are and have been screaming risk ‘OFF’.  Tough market. Subscribe … Continue reading Yield Curve Today

GDX Stinks

We have been noting the bearish state of the gold miners for all too long now; most recently in NFTRH 321.  But at some point I have got to believe that given a continued fundamental improvement and clearing of tax loss season, an opportunity is coming. Meanwhile, here’s the last straw breaking on the short-term view of GDX.  Is it leading gold and silver or … Continue reading GDX Stinks

Deflation or Inflation?

At the prodding of an NFTRH subscriber who was combing through old issues, I went back and read NFTRH 7, from November of 2008 and was struck by how things have really not changed in the last 6 years of non-stop inflationary policy; they have intensified and gone global, but the mechanics have not changed. The current inflation operation is failing world-wide, with the US … Continue reading Deflation or Inflation?