So tell me, how do you write about volatility to come, mentally prepare for it and then get beaten by it? Well, if you are me you live up to your non day traderism and see to other important things in life thinking that maybe you get a free pass, the short-covering market bounce might keep going for another day* and you can add shorts … Continue reading Volatility

‘V’ Bounce, Part 3?

In September we managed an over bought, over loved and over obsessed upon stock market into October’s decline.  That decline was simply a sentiment thing.  Sentiment needed to be re-set from way over bullish as we had been noting through fading stock participation, briskly over bullish ‘dumb’ money and divergent ‘smart’ money, among other indicators. Enter the Microchip Semi News of the day, which conveniently … Continue reading ‘V’ Bounce, Part 3?