Even Steven Always Evens Out!

As the VIX flies up, down and all around (bullish or bearish the one thing we have been planning on is increased and extreme volatility) I am happy enough to just be Even Steven.


Well, I am actually still heavily bull biased when factoring precious metals positions but you get the point. I have some shorts, I have some regular ‘bull’ longs and I have some portfolio balance stuff. Most of all though, I have income-paying cash equivalents. Thank you again, Mr. Powell.

So while I lost a bit last week and gained some back today the portfolios have theoretical shock absorbers built in until I get a read on the next big move that will reveal the macro for the months ahead. I just don’t have the psych profile to be caught leaning too far and guessing wrong. What I do is tweak the ports as I get readings on things with a massive amount of patience, which has over the years come hard for me but has come nonetheless.

“It never fails, I always even out!” Ha ha ha, well hopefully not always. What I want to layer into is the next trend, not this dynamic whipsaw.

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