NFTRH+; Today’s market

Quick pics and brief comments. SPX recovers to near an all-time high after a sentiment micro-twitch, NDX ticks a new high and SOX recovers above the SMA 50, regardless of its internal divergences (e.g. Semi Equipment). The world is bouncing. Since this is occurring above the rising SMA 200 it is still technically intact, unattractive pattern notwithstanding. Commodities (DBC) are bouncing but still potentially in … Continue reading NFTRH+; Today’s market

NFTRH+; A little GLD & SLV micromanagement

The bad news is that both GLD and SLV have filled the most recent down gaps. The good news is that they both also have gaps still open well higher. Gold and silver do not have these gaps, but they do represent emotional or active junctures and in my opinion that matters. If the bounce scenario is not ready yet then both gold and silver … Continue reading NFTRH+; A little GLD & SLV micromanagement

The Public No Longer Loves Itself Some SLV

Sentiment is being addressed in decisive fashion in silver/SLV For the record, I tested the play in spite of my gut telling me these clowns were leading lemmings to the slaughter [edit] off a cliff probably works better. I took my loss quickly and like a man. Moving on… You never but ever but never ever ever follow a gold or silver bug who’s on … Continue reading The Public No Longer Loves Itself Some SLV

NFTRH+; In-day Snapshot of the Silver Operation

Chests were thumping and endorphins were releasing on Twitter, as if it were a done deal. Well, the deal is not done yet. But if we are going by the technicals and tuning out the pumpers… Silver is looking good. Silver Miner ETF is okay above the moving averages. Still, it’s not the Reddit style thing they’ve been pumping. I prefer this because it is … Continue reading NFTRH+; In-day Snapshot of the Silver Operation

NFTRH+; Gaps Filling, Parameters Noted

A few pictures of upside gaps filling on various indexes, as we speculated might happen on the short-term. HUI is going for the gap just above 330. The keys to exiting the correction are the SMA 50 and October high. GLD filled last week’s gap down and has another gap just above. The key here is the SMA 50 and then the October high that … Continue reading NFTRH+; Gaps Filling, Parameters Noted

vs. SPY

A few interesting pictures ‘vs. SPY’… Gold miners have risen vs. SPY since early September. Treasury bonds, hated by absolutely everybody (except maybe readers of this website) in September have absolutely blasted off in relation to SPY with Mr. Powell’s deftly engineered risk ‘off’ operation. Chinese Large Caps have maintained the intermediate uptrend vs. SPY. Even the World is starting to bounce vs. the former … Continue reading vs. SPY


NFTRH; Daily View of Gold (GLD), Silver (SLV) and GDX

A brief daily chart update for the precious metals.  Let’s be aware that today is FOMC Minutes day, so markets may get some whipsaw. GLD is still fine at or above the 50 day averages. SLV is much more suspect as it starts to lose a trend line.  The uptrend would be intact even if SLV drops to around 16.  This is for consideration by … Continue reading NFTRH; Daily View of Gold (GLD), Silver (SLV) and GDX