NFTRH+; watch these parameters on silver

While the chart of silver does not show gaps and is breaking bullish (having taken out the key 22 area resistance once again)…

silver price

…the chart of SLV shows a gap right at the resistance silver is bumped up against right now. Regardless of whether or not SLV’s parent, the silver price, shows a gap or not, this was a point of emotion as SLV spiked, reversed and gapped down on February 3rd. I am not calling for a correction, but I am noting that this is a critical area. Silver is either going to bust bullish by taking out the high (24.77 per the chart above) or pull back to at least test the 22 (+/-) area as support again. If it does pull back, I would not rule out the SMA 200 at 20.98 on the chart above.

silver price tracker, SLV