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NFTRH 385 Out Now

A whopping 49 pages and not nearly as difficult to digest as that sounds.  Lots of charts and graphics populate what I think is a very cohesive report managing multiple…

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Payrolls +271,000; Is the Game Changing?

Following is a combo of an excerpt from the November 8 edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole (NFTRH 368) and new material... Payrolls +271,000; Is the Game Changing? I…

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July Payrolls +215,000

Our guess is off by 20k.  As expected, it was 'services' that led hiring in July. Full BLS release here.

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‘Jobs’ Friday (Guessing +235,000)

With the soft ADP the other day and other signs of economic flattening, some people may be looking for a weak Payrolls report tomorrow.  I am going to take a…

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Payrolls +223k

Click the graphic for the full BLS report...

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