Jobs Report and Reaction

Sorry folks, but it’s all in the bag and according to plan. They are inflating and now with the Nasdaq at its previous all-time highs the good news of the better than expected jobs report spreads joy (and FOMO) across the land. Ha ha ha. Click graphic, get report from BLS.


Gold and Silver got knee-jerked (perfect) and the Dow is up 600+ points (perfect). To boot, long-term bond yields are tearing ass (perfect) and commodities/reflation trades are ramming higher (yup, perfect).

All I am saying is that there is a script in play and that the Taxpayer/Treasury backed Fed is on the job doing its damnedest to create this inflation for you, to put you in asset markets at all costs. Well, there you go. FOMO til your heart’s content.

Meanwhile, there is this. Gold bugs should not be worried as long as they don’t somehow cook up a yield curve flattener and that is not the way the 10/2 is going. Not at all.

yield curveyield curve