Jobs +136,000 as the Good Ship Lollipop Sails On

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According to those seers who are paid to usually be wrong, NFP would show +145,000 jobs after a fairly weak 130,000 last month.

The employment situation is flat-lining. You can click the blurb below for the full report.

Let’s now see who is floating the Good Ship Lollipop, in light of the ongoing  Manufacturing slowdown and associated job losses.

Why yes of course! Professional and Business Services, Education and Health Services, Leisure and Hospitality Services, Government (LOL, Trump drain that swamp!), Transportation, Information (WTF is that?) and Construction, all tied to the vast financial economy that will not be reversed until it is brought to its knees by the debt-saturated rise in interest rates that never seems to arrive.

So it is not high paying manufacturing jobs for the people. It remains as it has been from Clinton through Obama and now well into Trump… the Elite man living high on the hog while the Everyman services and cleans up after him. Please, that sentence was played straight. It just sounds lewd.

The initial knee jerk was “porridge just right, buy stocks, sell gold!” but we’ll see how things shake out. It’s a process folks, and it’s a really interesting one by my eye as we sail further into Q4.

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