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Protected: NFTRH 754

Notes From the Rabbit Hole, #754 Summary of NFTRH 754 and the macro situation leading up to it A Labored Rally With Degrading Indicators We are now well into Q2,…

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3 Amigos of the Macro, Updated

You thought I was done with the Amigos shtick, did you? Not by a long shot ma'am. They are the happy-go-lucky riders in play as the stock bull market churns…

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3 Amigos Update

The SPX/Gold Amigo is on the trail of the 38% Fib retrace destination. The Long-term Interest Rates Amigo is still on the trail of a near-term rise (10yr looking better…

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Big Picture Views

With all the hype and noise built in to daily and weekly market management, sometimes it is worthwhile to dial out, calm things down and touch base with markets on the big picture.  Here are views on various markets (with limited commentary) by way of some NFTRH monthly charts.

Let’s start with currencies, since they are a reflection upon global policy making, which has been unprecedented in its direct market interference over the last few years.

Nominal Charts – Currency

We noted the hot air patch in the Canada dollar last year.  I had thought CDW might stop and find support at 85, which is a measurement from the topping pattern; but so far, no dice.


Fellow commodity currency Aussie is at what should be a strong support zone.


[edit]  evidently my uninformed use of’s symbol for the Rupee is incorrect.  I have had input that this chart is an inverted view of Rupee-USD.  Looking into this.


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NFTRH 325 Out Now

On a weekend where I took my daughter to Boston for two nights of voice coaching/recording, needed to watch the Patriots game (on DVR) and a late Rangers game, on…

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2 Horsemen Diverge

One rider seems to be stating that the other rider is not long for its rally.  Isn't this a turn of events?  Uncle Buck up, stocks down, commodities down and…

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Junk Bond Echos

Hey Bueller, junk bonds are doing what?  Dropping.  Junk bonds vs. quality bonds are doing what?  Dropping.  Heading into October junk bonds and ratios did what?  Anyone?  Beuller? Look, I…

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