USA is Still Going Bananas

You see, it’s not a Trump thing. It’s an ‘America is so hopelessly indebted (as are other developed economies) that they have no choice now’ thing. However the election shakes out – most likely Democrat president and congress, Republican senate – the stock market is cheering two things in my opinion. It is cheering US dollar compromising fiscal stimulus (Fed prints, politicians spend) and the … Continue reading USA is Still Going Bananas

USD Ticks a New Low

So much for “great again” America. If Trump manages to somehow get reelected and he opens his pie hole about the economy you will know to filter that garbage out. It’s all just a monetary parlor trick with the able assistance of the Fed Chief. The currency as measured against the rest of the world is a measure of the society it reflects. And if … Continue reading USD Ticks a New Low

Relax Uncle Buck, Have a Banana

As this screwed up nation inflates its way out of its economic problems (COVID-19 was a trigger, not a cause) amid the realization by more and more people that there’s a really tacky made for reality Tee-Vee fascist in the White House you have the stock market on message, rising in devalued (funny) munny units as the reflation tries to take hold. With this the … Continue reading Relax Uncle Buck, Have a Banana