The United States of Bananas

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I’ve been writing it for months now. The good ole’ US of A is going bananas.


Of course I was talking more about the monetary aspect of a Banana Republic printing and spending, as Trump brow beat the Fed chief long before this guy showed up…


Trump even said it yesterday, something along the lines of ‘send ’em $2000; we’re already trillions in debt’ as if debt is just an endless pool from which to cook up economic solutions.

I don’t want to discount the very real economic pain millions of people are in, I do want to highlight once again, amid the noise of the moment, that our dear (soon thankfully to be dearly departed) leader was running his “great” economy on the old parlor trick known as increasing debt and promoting inflation.

These numb nuts breaking into the Capitol building have on average the economic knowledge of a 2nd grader. They unquestioningly believe DEAR LEADER, a great business man after all (ha ha ha).

As such, not only are we going bananas economically, as noted many times previously, but we are also going bananas in an end of democracy kind of way if these trends are just beginning as opposed to possibly, just now, just yesterday, expiring.

Any Banana Republic worth its title has a DEAR LEADER, bowed down to, believed and acted upon. Without question.

Is this real? Was this flag actually carried through the Capitol after a break in at the instigation of the president of the United States? I know that NFTRH has lost a few die hard Trump supporters over the last couple of years as I’ve poked at him as a Reality TeeVee star, disreputable business man and frankly, just another clown using debt (and the peoples’ Treasury) to cement his reputation. But if anyone thinks this is anywhere near normal or decent you are welcome to leave too.