Hazel Radiates That Winning Attitude; Payrolls +336k vs. +170k (est)

September payrolls +336,000 vs. estimate of 170,000

September payrolls knocked it out of the park. Meanwhile, stock futures drop, bond yields and USD spike and curiously, gold holds relatively firm. Hmmm…

Anyway, there’s no wiping the creepy smile off Hazel’s face this month. Click below for the full report.

September payrolls report from bls

Putting aside for a moment that the unemployment rate may have bottomed and begun to turn up…

…the Good Ship Lollipop sails on, servicing itself to the max with a side order of big Government activity. The big winner? Why of course, that most valued of rights in our late stage society; Leisure and Hospitality! Right in Hazel’s wheelhouse. Sail on Good Ship Lollipop, sail on…

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