NFTRH+; USD (DXY) Live Chart Video Update

Here’s the updated view of USD.

TradingView is nice because it has live charts * that move as you view them. Indeed, while I was recording I realized that QuickTime picks that up in its screenshot. In hindsight, duh, of course it does.

[edit] I said “bull trap” in the video. I meant “bear trap”. If USD were to take out resistance it would be a trap against USD bears, at least temporarily.

DXY daily chart

* I think that is barking up the same tree after TradingView threw down the gauntlet and forced them to get with the times. But I keep subscriptions to both because I am more comfortable with TradingView’s system.


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  1. Dagny

    The video format with a live chart is nice for quick updates like this one. In general I prefer to get info in text format as I’m from a generation that is accustomed to reading.

    1. Gary

      Absolutely. Written updates will still be needed because there is no way I’ll be able to talk about and catch all the details of certain updates. But for these brief ones I’ll often go the video route.

  2. Aaron rojan

    Love these video updates . Keep ‘em coming brother 👍

    1. Gary

      Sure will, bro.

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