NFTRH+; Anti-USD, Video Update

It is more comfortable to me, given my sunny personality and flowery nature (that’s a “ha ha ha” BTW) to look at charts from the bull side as opposed to the bear side. Hence, I took a look at Uncle Buck from its ‘Anti’ vantage point and liked what I saw, which means I still don’t like what I see in literal USD.

Correction to the vid: I noted if ‘Anti’ USD loses 103.60 (USD takes back 103.60) the USD bear view will likely change. The actual level is 103.28. I faked myself out looking at an upside down chart.

USD flipped over to its ‘Anti’ self


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  1. Paul

    Hey Gary. Excellent. I’m coming around to very much liking these videos.

    1. Gary

      Thanks Paul. Appreciate the input.

  2. Steven Schwartz

    Not sure if you are trying to be confusing or unclear anymore

  3. Gary

    I am not sure I understand your comment. Do you mean that it sounds like I may be trying to be confusing? I have never once TRIED to be confusing. The analysis can certainly be confusing, however. That is because I am not staring into a crystal ball and making predictions. I am doing work with a lot of ‘out there’ elements to it.

  4. Anonymous

    Keep the video updates coming. I like ’em

  5. Dagny

    VERY confusing chart presentation! I wanted to grab my monitor and rotate it 180 degrees :-) TA question: Is there a metric that looks at the magnitude or variance of the “noise” in price movements in a small timeframe? Is this what Bollinger bands do?

    1. Gary

      To me, BBs are much like the short-term moving averages I use (e.g. EMA 10, 20, etc.). I used to use BB but found them to be too noisy and distracting on the charts. Over the years I’ve pared way down and simplified what I use w/ TA. IMO you can get lost in all the sub-tools this one general tool (TA) has within it. I’ve found that support/resistance, moving averages (and their direction) and simple indicators like RSI work best for me.

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