Fed hawk blitz continues

Fed speakers hawking in unison

From Powell to Williams to Mester, they are being trotted out to deliver the message in case you have not heard. The Fed really REALLY means it when they say they are tackling the inflation problem (that they, err, manufactured in their latest market bailout panic in 2020).

You can click the image of the lady hawk to read the article (which in this case tells you that the Funds rate is going to 4% and no cuts through at least the end of 2023.

You know you can take it to the bank because while this same entity kept its ‘transitory’ stance for way too long they wouldn’t be wrong for 2 cycles in a row, right?

We have been doing work in NFTRH to illustrate how the Fed has overshot to the upside on rates on previous cycles and the pressures that are forcing them to do so once again. There is a certain humor involved in all of this when you consider those pressures and then see them hawking in the media as if on cue, one after the other.

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