Inflation is tanking!

Now that I’ve got your attention, inflation signals are fading left and right

It’s in all the data. It’s in all the headlines.

Everyone knows inflation is on fire. This is what’s really fueling it

Because you know, CNBC wants you to be one of the few (billion) who are in the know about what is really going on.

And of course we’ve got full frontal Powell the inflation hawk. You can click the image to find out whatever the article has to say (I choose not to because for a contrarian the headline says it all).

Meanwhile, the inflation expectations ETF is rolling.

Gold is potentially ‘W’ bottoming vs. inflation expectations.

The Energy sector should be starting to concern its die-hards.

Copper sucks.

Copper/Gold sucks.

Silver/Gold sucks.

Commodity complex is on a pullback (got to start somewhere).

Of course, most commodities are having trouble while the above has been held aloft by headliner, crude oil.

But NatGas may already be cracking.

And the 30yr yield is dropping from exactly the key level noted earlier in this post and often in NFTRH updates including an important one yesterday.

I could dig up lots more pictures and indicators of risk toward the herds gulping inflation right now, but I’ll leave it at the above, which are just some simple pictures of contrary forces, some of which have been in play for many months (conjures about a million Copper/Gold ratio posts at this site) and some that are so fledgling that they have not proven out yet (e.g. RINF intact, gold only theoretical in its ‘W’ bottom vs. RINF, etc.).

But markets are the ultimate contrarian game and you’ve got to always check to see if you are observing the herd or part of it. That goes for me too. I am wired contrary, but can also be susceptible to unconsciously herding, which is why I do so much work to counter that instinct.

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