Stuffing it back in the bottle!

The inflation Genie, that is…

In this great adventure, the Fed creates inflation and then attempts to put it back in the bottle. Good luck with that!

Federal Reserve: “Get back in that damn bottle, you bastard!”

After last spring’s inflationary hysteria by the public…


…and to this very day its lagging effects (click pic, get article)…

…the distinguished members of the FOMC will conspire err, meet to discuss ways to solve the very problem they created – not just during 2020’s pandemic-induced panic, but systematically and most intensely since the good old days of Alan ‘the maestro’ Greenspan – as if any of this is normal or right.

We left ‘normal and right’ long ago, maybe as along ago as 1971 as any remaining checks and balances against inflationary excess were severed by official decree.

And so here we are, with a group of economic eggheads…


…micro-managing the financial system and economy all-too tethered to it.

Instead of allowing natural boom and bust cycles, which we market speculators could probably manage much more effectively than the manufactured boom/bust cycles under the modern Federal Reserve regime (too subject to jawbone effects and media hysterics) they create and then they attempt to deconstruct.

Well, good luck guys and gals. Now we get to sit back and watch the show, hopefully risk-managed to effective degree until the next opportunities manifest out of the mess you’ve created. Bravo!

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