On plan to the Continuum’s message…

The 30yr bond yield Continuum… continues

As 30 and 10yr Treasury bond yields hold and amp up their recoveries by this daily chart…

…the big picture monthly ‘Continuum’ chart of the 30yr yield is bending its right side shoulder into shape as originally anticipated when we projected the summer cool down back in the spring.

30 year treasury bond yield

The implication is for a date with the (red) monthly EMA 100 & 120 limiters and a big time macro decision point. Unfortunately, at that time a vast majority will be so steeped in their dogma that the herd will be the herd – by definition – once again at a critical time.

I see influencers all over Twitter auto-piloting their respective dogmatic bullshit on one side or another, most of the time not using macro indicators but instead, charts (especially trend line breaks, as if they can predict anything) and embedded bias.

But at such time as the 30yr yield hits 2.6% to 2.8%, with deference to interim weeks or even months of sloshing around (it’s a monthly chart, after all), the macro is going to go to uncharted territory with respect to the chart’s major trend (von Mises style Crack-up-Boom by way of Stagflation) or the trend is going to hold and the whole inflationary hysteria – including the likes of none other than PTJ announcing the inflation problem to the mainstream herds – is going to implode yet again as every willfully manufactured inflation has in the past along the Continuum’s decades. Click graphic, get article if you’d like.

But hey, that’s just me, a lowly participant who is going to be on the right side of things when the decision point arrives. Personally, I love seeing herds trample over cliffs because they present opportunity. I think I am a nice person in real life but this is not real life (and there ain’t no teams). This is the financial markets and it is war. And it is progressing as expected.

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