Irrepressible gold tout in action…

Ah, the imagination of gold perma-bulls The promoter in question – he of the “drop dead gorgeous bull wedge” in GDX right before one of the worst declines of the 2011-2016 bear market is at it again, touting inflation as the end for the US stock market and the beginning for gold and, get this, gold stocks. As I said, irrepressible… and chock full of … Continue reading Irrepressible gold tout in action…

Mr. Peabody (BTU) takes off

Peabody Energy stock (BTU) takes off I know as much about coal for energy and steel making as I do about nuclear thermal propulsion. That is, basically nothing. I leave those details to the experts… But here in the financial markets, including the Energy markets (cough cough, T Boon Pickens, Chris Martenson and other touts pumping oil to their unquestioning herds at the top of … Continue reading Mr. Peabody (BTU) takes off

Continuum: Right shoulder, present arms!

The Continuum continues to form its right inverted shoulder In the spring the NFTRH plan was for a “summer cool down” in inflation expectations and the inflation trades. This after noting that the situation had become overdone in the public consciousness, untenable to the (self-consciously inflating) Fed and thus, unsustainable. Inflation indicators then spent the summer backing off and the 30yr Treasury yield Continuum dropped … Continue reading Continuum: Right shoulder, present arms!