Mr. Peabody (BTU) takes off

Peabody Energy stock (BTU) takes off

I know as much about coal for energy and steel making as I do about nuclear thermal propulsion. That is, basically nothing. I leave those details to the experts…

But here in the financial markets, including the Energy markets (cough cough, T Boon Pickens, Chris Martenson and other touts pumping oil to their unquestioning herds at the top of the last inflationary hype bubble, cough cough) there are no experts, including me. Get that?





There are speculators, risk/reward managers, creative thinkers, rational purveyors of probabilities and a whole lot of ideological promoters and dumb asses following them.

Anyway, I knew nothing about Peabody Energy and its coal mining business other than ‘energy this and steel making that’. I did know that the chart had retraced to the SMA 50 and that my view was flipping back toward the inflation/reflation trades, so I picked it up on the drop into the September low. So far, so good at +24%.

I am trying my best to stay aligned with the market’s rotations as the macro weaves and bobs.

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