Inflationist gold/gold stock boosters foiled again on ‘Flation Friday [w/ edit]

[edit] Of course, every big buy in gold is a “whale purchase” or some other legit sounding thing while every big dump is a “paper sale!” to manipulate the price down. You see don’t you? You see that there is a cult of ideology out there that has less experienced people in tow subscribing to an ‘us against them’ method of investing that can only be described as tragic. Funny how it’s the widely followed ‘influencers’ doing most of the cheering. It’s almost like they’ve set up a cottage industry knowing full well the size of the market out there in “sheeple” * followers.

* To borrow the gold bugs’ own derogatory term for unthinking automatons.

It never ends.

And do you know what else has not ended? The uptrend in items that are supposed to go up during cyclical inflationary times, including in ratio to gold and gold stocks. Here we find the Metals & Mining ETF and Commodities ETF doing just fine.

Meanwhile, here is gold’s fabulous performance here on ‘Flation Friday…

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