“Will stock market crash?”

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“Will stock market crash?”

A Google trends query on that search term yields this graph along with an interest by region map. Boy they are mellow out there just east of the pacific northwest and down east just above my state (MA) filled with worry warts.

No real sign of mass anxiety yet but of course that comes well after the herd should have taken caution. Right now, the herd being the herd, they’re out at the beach or herding in other summer fun ways. ‘What, me worry?’ thinks the herd? Yes, you worry… some day.

stock market crash

But anyhow, at the very top of Google’s results when conducting a search on the term above yields to absolutely no surprise, Harry (ha ha ha) Dent.

The Dent organization is one of those mega marketed entities with copy writers and editors and a whole machine behind it pretending to provide you with actionable market analysis. So here we see how bad Google actually sucks at differentiating quality from hype.

harry dentThe Dent organizational machine is on perma-crash (because well, that’s the product), so often with a time line attached to it to really scare the shit out of you.

Harry tells you that stocks will crash by 80% by autumn and do you know what? I think there will be a significant correction before then. But the problem with ole’ Harry is that he has been on the same perma-note for years. Fear sells, after all.

Worst part of it is that said herds are going to come thundering right into the arms of the perma-promoters when the thing does spring a leak. These one-note marketing organizations know this and just wait for the inevitable. They’ll have much attention and fanfare heaped upon them by the media too. Just ask Google.

Meanwhile, over the years and decades of warnings the S&P 500 has done this…

s&p 500 (SPX)

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