Doctor Copper & friends, warehouse levels

LME warehouse levels for various industrial metals Doctor Copper gets the attention, but the red metal is just one of a whole bunch of cyclical industrial metals subject to inflationary economic growth.  Obviously, the lower the warehouse level the more fundamentally positive for the price from a supply/demand standpoint, and theoretically, the more positive for the global economy due to its demand for these materials. … Continue reading Doctor Copper & friends, warehouse levels

New York Fed: Op/Twist (lite)?

New York Fed announces new Treasury bond operations Operation Twist, concocted in 2011 by Ben ‘Big Brain’ Bernanke came about with all sorts of egghead theorizing about its mechanics, effects and viability. Oh, it was viable and it had effects. As per the Fed’s stated intention at the time, Operation Twist, the bond market manipulation extraordinaire, was the act of “sanitizing” inflation from macro signaling … Continue reading New York Fed: Op/Twist (lite)?

NFTRH+; A ‘value’ Bio-Pharma constructive on 3 time frames

GILD is a stock I’ve traded off and on to unremarkable results. In the world of Biotech, it’s a low growth value stock and speaking personally, as long as it has a constructive chart it’s got a place in my portfolio, considering the market’s ongoing rotations and the need for balance. Note that a second position in GILD was added a few days ago. GILD … Continue reading NFTRH+; A ‘value’ Bio-Pharma constructive on 3 time frames