Mozart, a vampire and a homeless man

Before getting to a real guitar player, I subject you to a couple more A part, B part things I did with the little canned drummer in my computer. He sets a nice beat and then I try not to screw it up too much on bass and git fiddle. Just riff ideas that came into my head while trying to ignore the stock market.

Thing 1:

Thing 2:

Okay now, check out Jimmy Page schooling Jack White (Vampire) and the Edge (homeless man). From the YouTube comments to the video, this bit of hilarity: “Mozart teaches a vampire and a homeless man how to busk for a living.”. 

I saw this get together on TV years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. A real pro guitar player with no apparent ego whatsoever enjoying his time with two different fiddlers, both of whom I like for their ability to make music more than play music with virtuosity.

Okay, have a nice weekend. After this crazy week we all deserve it.