Sentiment Adjusted

Short-term Sentiment is reset, long-term is still structurally over-bullish In a positive contrary indication the latest readings in the AAII and NAAIM have logically recoiled in line with this week’s bearish market prices. Here are Mom & Pop, pulling back after we made an alert about their aggressiveness in NFTRH back in April. Now the question is did that signal THE correction or just another … Continue reading Sentiment Adjusted

Semi Chip Making Capacity Initiative

Calls for funding US chip production The market will show me to be wrong if the likes of AMAT and LRCX break down. I hold both of them because while they are part of the supply-constrained Semiconductor sector, they are not chip makers. They are chip making capacity providers. The equipment used manufacture Semiconductors. Here is a report that showed up on my Fidelity screen … Continue reading Semi Chip Making Capacity Initiative

Inflation: Going Stag

Stagflation in the offing, unless it’s not different this time… As corporations continue to raise wages, market participants fear the Fed is wrong about supposedly “transitory” inflation, long-term Treasury bond yields resume the rally (bonds decline) manufacturers’ (ISM) costs keep rising, the Fed’s inflationary operation – a desperate monetary kick save if ever there was one – labors on. The Fed has manipulated bonds and … Continue reading Inflation: Going Stag