Promoters Gonna Promote [w/ edit]

It’s a sign of the times as inflation lifts most boats and creates experts geniuses gurus swamis err, promoters a dime a dozen

[edit] Thanks to subscriber Rob I neglected a star player in the bubble hype-o-matic sweepstakes; SPACs. Funnily enough, I was going to include it but spazzed on it. Now it’s in its rightful place. 

I am the most boring writer in the world writing at the most boring website in the world that is a public offshoot of the most boring professional market service in the world.

So don’t go by me, but replacing the gold promotions of last summer are…


SPAC mania


EV/Battery Materials



Death of the Dollar

Robinhood/Wall St. Bets/short squeeze-o-rama

Silver… oh wait, never mind

And let’s not forget stocks of all kinds… US, Global/EM/Asia, Tech, Cloud, SPAC, Semi, Pot, Shrooms and on and on.

Disclaimer: I am long many of the above and have been long all of the above [edit: except SPAC] and more at one time or another since last spring. I have been aligned for this type of environment since the COVID crash and policy response. Therefore I am not talking my book, which is not short one single thing at this moment.

But the most boring website in the world wants you to keep in mind that today’s exciting guru is tomorrow’s Mr. Gold (Sinclair), Original Uranium Bug (Dines) or George Gilder (riding the light).

But getting off the dour tone, here is a picture of how the new money alternative is doing vs. the pathetic old fashioned money alternative, which itself has been dropping vs. official (funny) munny since last summer. Yup, sounds about right.

Never get in the way of an active story and the promoters seizing the moment. But let’s do reference back to boring posts like this after it’s all over some day.

Have a nice weekend.

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