Pivotal Juncture for the Reflation Trades

RINF (inflation expectations) has sagged to its trend marker (SMA 50).


As has TIP/TLT.

While the heretofore inflation signaling yield curve has also eased a bit. The wild card here is that it can steepen due to deflationary pressure as well.

yield curve

KBE (banks)/SPY ratio is still on its rally, though pausing at the moment.


The commodity patch driven by the oil wild card is blah.


While individual commodities we track in NFTRH, like the Agricultural basket and industrial metals and are still well aloft.

And though not directly related, the balance of Asia has joined Taiwan and South Korea in out-performance mode vs. the US markets. These signals remain intact.

There are plenty more intact indicators to the reflation trades, like Palladium/Gold for example. But this too is at a key juncture, where it needs to hold support.

palladium / gold ratio

Many others out there to keep your eyes on.

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