(Sectors) vs. SPY

Here are some weekly charts showing the current trends in various US stock market sectors vs. the broad SPX/SPY. Remember, it’s the trends that are important here, not the patterns or other normal TA details. The trends, especially on the weekly time frame. For “best of breed” top down analysis of all major markets, subscribe to NFTRH Premium, which includes an in-depth weekly market report, … Continue reading (Sectors) vs. SPY

Updated Free Samples of the NFTRH Service

I finally updated the NFTRH Samples page, which had been sporting an old report and updates from 2016, to a couple of August 2020 updates and this week’s NFTRH 619 (dated 9.6.20). I picked a couple of random updates that are no longer password protected but made sure to include the most recent market report, which is of course the focal point and weekly grounding … Continue reading Updated Free Samples of the NFTRH Service