Rattus Norvegicus- The Stranglers

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You know, if Trump is rightly dismissed from the White House and the democrats take over, we are likely to see a dark side in the form of intensified political correctness that is already too intense (IMNSHO). If so, I can listen to the Stranglers more often as an antidote, a way to enjoy a little head space.

Well an album that starts off with the lyric “some day I’m gonna smack your face” probably fits the bill. If you want to hear really not politically correct, check out Ugly. Bassist Jean Jacques Burnel’s vocal on that thing is perfect for those lyrics.

Much of the rest of the album is not for overly sensitive ears either. I once heard an older and mellower Hugh Cornwell (singer, guitarist) say they were trying to see what they could get away with back then (circa 1977); pushing the system and its censors. Mission accomplished, Hugh.

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