Updated Free Samples of the NFTRH Service

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I finally updated the NFTRH Samples page, which had been sporting an old report and updates from 2016, to a couple of August 2020 updates and this week’s NFTRH 619 (dated 9.6.20).

I picked a couple of random updates that are no longer password protected but made sure to include the most recent market report, which is of course the focal point and weekly grounding of the service.

So if you’d like, go check ’em out at the link above. There is a reason I know it is the best all around service of its kind. The reason is value, both to NFTRH subscribers and to myself. I always feel better armed with on-point information on Monday morning than I did on Friday afternoon.

38 bucks a month? One wrong move in the markets will see you lose 10, 100 or for you high rollers 1000 times that in a nano-second. One right move? It goes the other way. In these markets, many of us need a guide. That assuredly includes me. That is why I know NFTRH is the best out there; because Gary who would not do this work would be not nearly the market manager that Gary who does the work is.

“Thanks in advance, and thanks again for your great service. I have told you before how much I have appreciated your service, but especially at these times, you and your perspective are invaluable. I think it is your passion at this time of your life, and you work very hard at it. Looks like you’re having fun too these days!”  -Gary F  8.17.20

For “best of breed” top down analysis of all major markets, subscribe to NFTRH Premium, which includes an in-depth weekly market report, detailed interim market updates and NFTRH+ dynamic updates and chart/trade setup ideas. You can also keep up to date with actionable public content at NFTRH.com by using the email form on the right sidebar. Follow via Twitter @NFTRHgt.