Both Horsemen Riding South After Fed Rate Cut

Amid Friday’s carnage we noted that curiously, only 1 Horseman (the Gold/Silver ratio) was riding northward (although it had made a reversal from the highs) while the other, the US dollar, was heading south. One was going the wrong way. Either they would both rise and bring destruction to the land or both fall and signal the next desperate inflationary operation on the macro.

Now today is a very electric, very dynamic day with FOMO sentiment renewed and the Fed manipulating markets to the best of its ability. But initially at least, the 2 Horsemen are being tamed. Treasury bonds have been demanding that the Fed roll over and so they have.

Sure, it’s fun and it can be profitable. But the next time a conventional analyst lectures as if there is anything natural or right about this… well, all I can say is that I got rid of the rest of my SHV cash equivalent yesterday after its most recent x-date. I’m not letting them hold my money for no return as the extermination of the savers resumes.

gold silver ratio

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