Whither a USD Death Cross?

I have not looked extensively, but in viewing the MSfM I get yesterday’s flu virus fear hysterics, today’s relief and 3 significant and wealthy Amigos (Tudor Jones, Dalio & Tepper) talking about why you [still] should be in stocks. Over on the gold sites, surely you would think someone would have a juicy USD Death Cross headline; and yet… crickets. But this is what would … Continue reading Whither a USD Death Cross?

30 Year Yield on a Key Test

A key test by one important indicator is taking place now. Back when we were gauging the potential for the reflation trades one aspect would have been for long-term yields to begin rising again out of the summer’s risk ‘off’ fear fest. Yields would travel upward along with investor sentiment out of the summer grind. Well, . The global macro reflation trades have bounced hard … Continue reading 30 Year Yield on a Key Test