Trump: Make America Mediocre (at best) Again

In this post we set aside any personal thoughts about Trump and simply take him at his own words. If you believe I am wrong and decide to write me about it, you will need to back up your assertion with the reasons why Trump’s badgering of the Fed for policy that has in the past and will again hurt the lower and middle class will not do so again. The resulting effects on prices would hurt many of his most ardent supporters. 

Donald Trump is making America great again (in his fertile imagination).

Donald Trump – by his own words – wants to make America as bad as some of the worst monetary offenders the world over (in reality).

I am going to print the truth and die hard, politically blinded Trumpies can continue to seek their fix elsewhere. I don’t write for herd animals, anyway. Especially not political herd animals.

Trump says he ‘could get used to’ negative interest rates as he knocks the Fed: ‘Love that’

Translation: Despite that we have “the best numbers that we’ve had in so many different areas” I want the Fed to continue compromising the peoples’ claims to money by weakening the dollar against global counterparts so I can look like I am making America great again when I tout increasing exports and a renewed pulse in the flagging manufacturing sector in the run up to the election. Sub-translation: Wink wink, it’s all parlor tricks as usual. Just different looking tricks on the surface. I want America at the bottom of that barrel along with all the other sucker fish inhaling excrement. I want devaluation of money so that the decades-long appreciation of assets will continue.

The net result will shake out as it has for the last 20 years… rich richer, poor poorer if Trump’s game plan is followed. It can’t be any other way because the rich invest in non-cash assets while the poor and middle string paychecks together (if they are lucky).

The goal of negative rates can only be to weaken the currency. Trump claims that would be to the benefit of exporters and manufacturing; and to a degree, that would likely be the case. But it is not real. It is currency manipulation and when the real economy (an oxymoron now, I know) rolls over the Everyman (including a hell of a lot of Trump voters) will be screwed again by inflation as the asset owning investor class – in my opinion the only class Trump truly knows – will benefit once again in continually rising asset prices. No different than under the supposed socialist, Obama, and the fake Republican, Bush.

[interlude: you know, I’ve often thought they use the word “fake” too much nowadays – as in news. But maybe it’s the perfect word for the times because it’s all fake… Bush, Obama and Trump… the only thing that matters is whether or not the Federal Reserve will continue to fuel the fire. The figureheads that happen to be in power at any given time make adjustments according to their agendas, but they are all beholden to the system that is a one-way going crazy train of debt barreling down the tracks. Okay, on with the post]

Listen, I am all for a “Great again” America. But it is disturbing that the guy professing to bring it to us is using the same old book of tricks, reliant on the Federal Reserve’s ability and/or will to manipulate money. Every time Trump pokes at the Fed like this, he is in essence showing his hand. A real conservative would not ever be seeking greatness through devaluation. But lots of fake ones – and we’re not just talking about Trump, dear Republican party – do. It’s a political expediency thing, right?

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