Gold & Silver CoT, err… Displeasing

Gold very simply refuses to get a trend going from its high risk state by CoT sentiment. Also, open interest is higher than it’s been since the bull began. A little improvement last week and this week a retrench. The graph tells me that there’s a whack job out there somewhere ahead. It’s either that or the seasonal low is not going to arrive at … Continue reading Gold & Silver CoT, err… Displeasing

Today vs. 2012; Different This Time for Gold

Gold bugs will remember 2012 as the last year of hope that gold was still in its bull cycle as it managed to hold key support around 1550 into year end. It should not be lost on us that here into year-end 2019 gold’s new bull cycle has risen to, and logically halted at, the very same former support that is now important resistance to … Continue reading Today vs. 2012; Different This Time for Gold

Like Gold 2009

Check out these monthly chart pictures… I remember feeling so bullish about gold’s 2008-2009 pattern as it was forming (Au went on to nearly double), so what do we make of other patterns forming elsewhere today? XLI (Industrials) XLB (Materials) KYCCF, Keyence Corp. (Japan) I am sure there are more, but I found these in just a short time of looking around. May be nothing, … Continue reading Like Gold 2009