Semi Bullish

On July 18th we had an NFTRH update (still pw protected) discussing the Semiconductor sector and secondarily, its implications for the gold sector. Those implications have to remain private for now because they are forward-looking and that is what the premium service does, among other things; it looks forward and creates rational pathways out ahead even as we manage the present in ways it needs … Continue reading Semi Bullish

i Human

iSad because iRobot is about to rip me a new one when it opens this morning. But iRealistic too. These things happen. Indeed, i saw yesterday’s down day with volume and though it could be some boyz shaking the tree before earnings. iWrong. IRBT looks to tack on a handy 17% loss at the open and my (paper) loss will be bigger because I was … Continue reading i Human

3 Metallic Amigos, Daily Futures Charts

Copper found resistance at the 200 day average and the first shelf of lateral resistance. RSI seems to be marching in a stair-step uptrend on the short-term and MACD just went positive. The best that can be said is that the bounce is intact but if Cu takes out 2.85 then it really gets interesting. Gold is above the bull/bear marker and still subject to … Continue reading 3 Metallic Amigos, Daily Futures Charts