I Took My SOXX Off

I took my SOXX short off, that is. The gain was 8% on an index ETF and that is good enough as the chart hammers at the 200 day average. It was bought not long ago per this Trade Log entry… 5.16.19: Buy oversold TGT on drop to perceived support for some domestic Retail exposure. Buy ‘value’ stock GILD as it turns around with all … Continue reading I Took My SOXX Off

Pretty Pictures for Gold Bugs (gold ratios)

Backing out the trade noise and taking the charts straight up for what they are, here are gold’s ratios (and thereby, fundamental implications) using ETFs as the vehicles. Notice the green RSI on all items. Gold/US Stock Market is not yet pretty, but it’s bouncing. Gold/Global Stocks is better as it took out and held both moving averages. Gold/Commodities is better still as it attempts … Continue reading Pretty Pictures for Gold Bugs (gold ratios)

3 Metallic Amigos; Cu, Au & Ag

It’s just another copper, gold and silver post. Daily charts of three metals of differing character and utility. Here is what the live (at the time I took the snapshots) futures charts are saying. Click them for a clearer view. Copper (cyclical, pro-global growth) has now decisively broken the support of the 200 day average (orange) and heads toward the 2018 lows. It’s as if … Continue reading 3 Metallic Amigos; Cu, Au & Ag