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NFTRH+; A Gold Miner Finally Making a Technical Move

I have held the bottom dwelling Premier Gold (PG.TO, PIRGF) for a long while now and was pleased to see it finally make a move recently. So what does that move do for the stock? It makes it a candidate to change its trend as it has risen above both the 50 and 200 day moving averages. It is getting overbought now though. If it … Continue reading NFTRH+; A Gold Miner Finally Making a Technical Move


NFTRH; Au/USD Pair, (live) Daily Chart Status

So from the previous big picture post (public) let’s dial in now to a little daily (live) picture of spot gold’s pair against the US dollar. XAU/USD broke above the pattern neckline (now short-term support, green), the SMA 50 and the top of the wedge. Au/USD’s immediate job is to hold these parameters, beginning with the SMA 50. You can see that RSI got a … Continue reading NFTRH; Au/USD Pair, (live) Daily Chart Status

Metallic Big Pictures

Just some impressions – without the usual lines and squiggles. Man stares at charts, has some thoughts. Simple. Take it with a grain of salt because the views are not necessarily positive, but these are long-term monthly charts, AKA the dullest, most lumbering kind. Effective signals will come from the shorter-term charts, which will inform these big dumb pictures eventually. Gold lurks well above the … Continue reading Metallic Big Pictures