Gold and Silver Commitments of Traders

As of Tuesday Oct. 2 Commercial traders in gold had increased their net long positioning and those Wrong Way Corrigans (the post’s featured image above is actually Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan) in the Large Spec community had increased their net short positions. Open interest is subdued and in gold and silver that usually goes with calmer waters. The technology (and gold, it would appear) expert* … Continue reading Gold and Silver Commitments of Traders

Yield Curve Status

The flattening yield curve has attended the boom in the US economy and the bull in the US stock market. A change in the flattening status will change the dynamics to the degree that they either completely reverse to bearish (if the curve steepens due to declining short-term yields) or shift, with new investment strategies having to be geared toward the inflation trades. Here again, … Continue reading Yield Curve Status