Here We Go… 30yr Yield Continuum Front & Center

Here is the thing everyone is talking about; a spike in long-term yields to the highest point yet. This chart – if you want to apply chart patterns to interest rates – targets 3.5%. I certainly don’t want to downplay my own indicator, but the Continuum ™ (or Amigo #2) is only breaking the limiter in-month, which it did several times along the continuum of … Continue reading Here We Go… 30yr Yield Continuum Front & Center

vs. SPY

Time for this week’s episode of (sectors) vs. SPY. Long-term yields are elevated and yet the Financials (and especially our friendly pigs, the Banks) are getting drubbed vs. the broad market. Leadership is firmly negative. Relative Energy is trying to establish a new intermediate trend, H/C is and has been THE leader since bottoming out in May. Industrials are sneaky constructive/bullish and yet their former … Continue reading vs. SPY